What is Depository?

A depository is an organization where the securities of an investor are held in electronic form. A depository can be compared to a bank. To avail of the services of a depository, an investor has to open an account with the Depository through a depository participant, just as he opens an account with the bank. Holding shares in the account is akin to holding money in the bank.

What is a Depository Participant?

A Depository Participant (DP) is an agent appointed by a depository to offer depository services to all investors. To be an authorized DP, the institution shall be a Bank or Financial Institution, Stock Broker, Registrar and Transfer Agent, custodian or entity prescribed by the Securities Board of Nepal.

Who is a Beneficiary Owner (BO)?

The Beneficiary Owner (BO) is the person who holds a DEMAT account.

What is a BO ID?

The DEMAT account number of Beneficiary Owner is known as BO Id. It is a 16 digit unique identification number provided by Central Depository while opening a DEMAT account.

What is a DP ID?

A DP Id is the identification number of the depository participant allotted by depository.

What is Dematerialization?

Dematerialization is the process of converting physical or paper based shares/bond-debenture/mutual funds into digital or electronic form. The main aim of digitization is to smooth the process of buying, selling, transferring and holding shares.

Process to open DEMAT A/C?

  1. Select Depository Participant (DP):

    Most bank and financial institutions, merchant banker and brokerage service firms are referred as Depository Participants.

  2. Fill an Account Opening Form:

    Fill an account opening form to open a Demat account. This includes personal information, contact information, passport size photo, citizenship and pan. Account opening form also includes Depository Participants and Investors agreement comprises terms of agreement, regulation and charges.

  3. Submit Document for Verification:

    Submit a copy of identity, passport size photo along with form for verification. Appearing in person might be required for the verification process.

  4. Get Beneficiary Owner Id (BOID):

    Once all the documents have been verified, Demat account number will be generated. It is also known as Beneficiary Owner Id BOID) that can be used for accessing account, buying/selling/applying shares.

Documents required to Demat Account

  1. Proof of Identify:

    Citizenship, passport, driving license, pan card or any identity card issued by government with photography

  2. Proof of Contact
  3. Passport Size Photo

Can one open a DEMAT account from Kumari Securities?

Yes, one can open a DEMAT account from Kumari Securities.


What is a Broker account?

Broker account is also known as a trading account. It is a common platform to sell or purchase securities. Securities are purchased or sold through a trading account, held in a DEMAT account and payments are made through the linked bank account.

Are there any charges for opening a broker account?

Not a single paisa to be paid. It’s all free.

What documents are needed when opening a broker account?

  1. Confirmation slip of DEMAT account
  2. One Passport size photograph
  3. Copy of citizenship certificate

When do we have to submit/do DIS cheque/e-DIS?

DIS cheque or e-DIS need to be made a day after securities are sold.

By when do we have to make payment after purchasing shares?

After purchase, the client needs to make payment within the next 2 days as per the norms of T+2 trading rule. Only after completion of payment, settlement will carry out.

How can one get TMS service from Kumari Securities?

First update the KYC, fill up the agreement paper for the online trading. Then get username and password in the mentioned email and access the trading window.

Mero Share

What is a Mero Share Account?

Mero Share is a web portal and mobile app of CDS and Clearing that shows the details of shares in Demat account. Opening a Mero Share Account will facilitate the application of IPO, FPO, Rights, Debenture through online. Beside application, checking IPO result and transferring sold shares can be done through Mero Share Account.

Where can we open Mero Share account?

Visit the institution where you have opened a Demat account. Simply fill the form that requires BOID, Name, Mobile number and Email. You will receive a username and password in the mentioned email address.

Any other requirements in Mero Share account to apply online?

IPO/FPO/Rights/Debenture can be applied online through the Mero Share account. After getting mero share account, take the CRN number (C-ASBA Registration Number) from the bank. Some banks also offer online services to get CRN number. Put your CRN number while applying for the issues.

Do we need to pay for Mero Share?

Yes, we need to pay Rs. 50 annual charge for the account.

Features of Mero Share

  1. Check statement of Demat account
  2. Get transaction history
  3. Check portfolio
  4. Check Pledge details
  5. Apply IPO, FPO, Right, Debentures
  6. EDIS for sold securities
  7. Calculation of Weight Average Cost of securities
  8. Change bank details of Demat Account